Micro-Needling (also referred to as collagen induction therapy or CIT) is a skin therapy that involves puncturing the skin using a grouping of tiny sterile needles. The purpose of micro-needling is to promote healing without scars and encourage new collagen production similar to fractional laser treatments. Unlike the laser, there are minimal side-effects or downtime associated with micro-needling.

What can be treated using micro-needling?

Micro-Needling is very commonly used to treat thin line and wrinkles, scarring from acne, surgeries, burns, etc. It has also shown great success in the treatment of stretch marks.

What happens during a micro-needling treatment?

A micro-needling treatment begins with an in-depth assessment of your skin’s current state. The provider will assess the potential treatment areas and work with you to decide on an appropriate treatment plan.

After the assessment is done, the provider usually applies a topical anesthetic cream and afterwards will begin treating the agreed-upon areas. The provider will make several passes over the area in a gentle motion passing up and down.

How long does it take?

Plan to be with us for an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how many areas need to be treated.

Does it hurt?

We offer pain management (in the form of a topical anesthetic cream) or by injection of an anesthetic if the provider recommends it. Most patients feel the pressure of the micro-needling instrument.

How long is the recovery time?

Micro-needling is not something that really requires downtime. For the most part, your skin will be red and swollen in the treatment areas for up to four (4) days. It is recommended that you avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible for the next day or two as your skin will be hyper-sensitive. Avoid direct exposure for at least 10 days post treatment if possible. Alcohol based skin products may not be used for 14 days post treatment. Makeup may not be worn for at least 12 hours after treatment unless it is a mineral makeup approved by the provider. You may resume wearing regular mineral makeup the day after treatment.

Is it safe?

Micro-needling is very safe! The risk of infection is minimal since the needles are sterile and the skin is cleaned and prepped beforehand.

Can anyone do it?

No. Micro-needling is only to be used with caution and physician approval.  It should not be used on anyone with an active skin infection or raised lesion (wart, mole, etc) on the area to be treated, a history of chronic skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, a history of Herpes Simplex infections or diabetes.  Micro-needling can NOT be used on anyone with scleroderma, collagen abnormalities, vascular disease or cardiac abnormalities. It can also not be used if you have rosacea, blood clotting problems, are on blood-thinning medication or an immune-suppressing medication, or if you have an active bacterial or fungal infection.

How many treatments are needed?

Typically, there are 3-4 treatments, 6 weeks apart

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