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Facial Treatments

We are pleased to offer a new service to
treat a wide variety of skin and vein conditions.


At Oakview Medical Associates we emphasize occupational medicine as well as weight loss helping people live in a confident, positive way.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide each patient with individual attention and a customized approach.

Our Strategy

Each individual has unique characteristics. Dr. Nita Bijoor is trained to identify and enhance each and every individual’s lifestyle.

Oakview Medical Associates

  • We look to our patients as partners in managing their Beauty and Wellness Care
  • Our focus is on Health, Wellness Care and Aesthetics .
  • We are a community-oriented, Health and Aesthetics medical spa.
  • Personalized Aesthetic health and wellness treatment options.

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About Us

Dr. Nita Bijoor and her dedicated staff employ the most comprehensive approach to manage your health.

Our Blog

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