Policies & Forms


*We accept most insurance plans and as courtesy, we will file your paperwork for your primary insurance carrier. Please provide your driver's license and current insurance ID card so that we can file your claim with accurate updated information which is vital for proper claim processing to your insurance company. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Care Credit and cash for all payments for services rendered. Unfortunately, due to check bouncing, we are unable to accept personal checks at this time.

*It is our office policy to collect any co-pay, co-insurance, deductible and balance due when you check-in. We welcome self-pay patients and are able to provide substantial discounts on office services, procedures and lab fees to our uninsured and self-pay patients. Please be prepared to pay at the check-in when you arrive at your appointment. We have an ATM within walking distance for your convenience. Any self pay fees and/or deductibles will be also be collected to ensure proper charges are billed to the patient.

*Below you will find a list of insurance companies that we do accept. This does not guarantee that we are in network or that your insurance company will pay for services rendered. Please check with your insurance company to verify your specific plan benefits to confirm what they cover and do not cover for you. Any remaining balance will be the patient's financial responsibility.

*We hold all unpaid accounts for 60 days. If your account is not paid in full within this time we will send your account to the collection agency.

*If you are in financial hardship and unable to pay the balance in full when you check in or when you receive your statement please come in to the office and speak with management. We have payment plans for those who qualify. We also offer Care Credit for unpaid balances under 90 days.

Know your insurance plan benefit patient checklist---OMA-patient insurance plan benefit checklist (<< click here)

Your First Visit

We want to thank you for choosing OAKVIEW MEDICAL ASSOCIATES for your health care needs. During your first visit, you will meet our staff, complete important forms and, of course, meet your medical provider. As your primary care providers, we will try to solve your current medical problem and detect or prevent other health problems. We hope to make the first visit not just an opportunity to deal with any medical concerns you have, but also a time to get acquainted with you.

The First Visit Paper Work Needed

When you come for your appointment, you will be asked to come 15-30 minutes earlier than your appointed time to fill out a personal and health questionnaire. When you complete the personal information sheet including all the insurance information, please give that to the front desk check-in receptionist along with your insurance cards and driver's license. She will make a copy for our records and return them to you. You can print the required Forms from this website for your convenience and bring along to your appointment. We could also mail these forms to you or you may pick them up ahead of time if you would like. Just let us know!

The First appointment may be scheduled to evaluate specific sick conditions or complaints OR may be to establish medical care and a medical home with our providers and review chronic medical conditions, medications, make recommendations on further testing and blood work. You will be requested to return for a follow up appointment or for a comprehensive preventive physical exam in our office depending on your specific needs as determined by our medical providers.

Annual Preventive Physical Exam or Yearly Physical is a well exam where we screen you for diseases, perform cancer screenings, help prevent diseases and maintain health. In some cases your insurance will not pay for this service. You will need to call your insurance company and find out what they cover or don’t cover in terms of the visit or blood work and bring us the information prior to the service being rendered.

The time allotted for a comprehensive preventive physical exam visit and a medical problem /establish care /sick visit is different. Therefore, both things cannot be dealt with on the same visit. Many times, insurance plans do not cover the preventive exam visit and the medical problem/sick visit if they are conducted at the same appointment. We will perform a sick visit if we find that you are presenting with sick complaints that need evaluation. Separate appointments may need to be made due to your insurance plan coverage and benefit policy. It is your responsibility to know your health insurance policy and benefits.

Our MA/Nurse will call you to go back to the exam room; they will measure your height and weight and take your blood pressure and temperature. They might measure your oxygen level, a waist circumference and calculate your body mass index. Your primary care provider will review the health questionnaire with you. If you are here for a physical, you may be asked to undress and put on a gown in the privacy of the exam room. This enables the doctor to better evaluate your health. After the examination, your physician will suggest a treatment plan and future visits, if necessary.

A medical problem or a routine follow up visit will still involve having your weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure and temperature checked. The problem you are having and any other reasons for your visit will be addressed by our MA/Nurse and recorded into your chart. Our medical provider will then see you and treat the problem. If need be they may have you come back for a follow up appointment. They will explain this to you and you will be requested to schedule this follow up appointment at check-out. Please keep all your scheduled appointments and help us take optimal care of your health.

As a commitment to your health, we recommend every patient have a yearly exam to allow us to evaluate your overall health. As primary care providers, we place a strong emphasis on prevention. Any chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease will need to follow up every three months. This will involve a nurse visit or Dr. visit with your lab; and co-pay, co-insurance or deductible will apply if this is required by your insurance company per your insurance policy. We want to monitor you closely to keep you healthy. For our established patients; we will make an appointment for your lab work and then your exam at least 2 days later so the lab results can be reviewed with you. On all normal lab results, we may call you or mail you a letter letting you know they are normal. If lab, test or imaging study is abnormal, they will not be discussed over the phone. You will be called to come in and discuss the treatment plan with your Doctor if you have not already scheduled a follow up appointment.

We hope that after your visit you will feel confident that you’ve made a wise decision by choosing our practice. We do not practice cookie cutter medicine. Our approach is very personalized and unique to each patient. We think of you as our family and would want you to feel the same!