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For over three years, our patients have had tremendous success with our very own physician supervised medical weight management program.

OAKVIEW MEDICAL ASSOCIATES- DR. NITA BIJOOR is pleased to announce the implementation of a successful medically supervised WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM into our medical practice since 2010.

Our weight loss program is the first and only integrated comprehensive approach to the management of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Our medical weight loss program begins with a precise diagnosis of the patient's metabolic requirements and body composition to determine their metabolic rate or the calories that the patient's body burns when at complete rest. This precise caloric requirement is turned into a personalized interactive nutritionally sound meal plan, which along with monitored exercise, lifestyle modification and education provides the patient with positive results for losing weight and keeping it off. Along with all-natural high-protein meal replacements, we are able to provide a wealth of tools to help the patient take control of their health and body. This program determines the patient's precise caloric goal, allows calorie tracking and offers resistance training instructions/visuals. We are able to help the patient achieve and maintain their lean body weight/muscle mass, lose unhealthy excess body fat and keep it off!

All visits are conducted and supervised by Dr. Nita Bijoor and her certified staff.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 864-627-0444 if you have any questions.